Social Responsibility

Making a difference in our communities.

FRISA’s commitment to sustainability is about assuming responsibility in the broadest sense of the term, ensuring the future of the resources we depend upon, and being a leader by setting benchmarks of our own, rather than simply complying with regulations.

We are committed to using as few resources as possible, respecting and enjoying the company of the people we work with, and taking into account the social and environmental impact we have on the planet and community around our facilities.

We have been pioneers in our industry on many environmental initiatives, mainly one of the first forging groups to be certified ISO-14001. All of our plants have been properly assessed and controls have been put in place to ensure our operations have the minimum impact on our environment. Legal Compliance with environmental regulations is a top priority for us.

We also collaborate with regulating agencies in Mexico on many environmental programs that promote awareness among our suppliers and encourage them to take action as well and develop sustainability actions of their own.

At FRISA, we see each of these initiatives as another step on our ongoing journey to continuously improve our commitment to sustainability.