Terms & Conditions


The cost of the complaint must not exceed the sale price of the piece(s).
The complaints must be reported to FRISA before any additional process or assembly is applied to the piece.
Each Complaint must be presented along with the defective piece for its analysis and disposition, unless otherwise stipulated by FRISA
Complaints are valid only within 90 days after the product is received by the customer.
In case the customer does not specify an inspection criteria, it is guaranteed the product meets ASTM A388 / API 6A PSL3 at delivery condition.
Complaints regarding hits or rust are not accepted after 1 day of receiving the product.


A dimensional complaint, including distortion and oval effect, will be valid only if the piece is in the same condition as delivered to the customer. The complaint will not be valid if any additional process or assembly is applied to the piece.


Material cannot be returned to FRISA without a written authorization.
Returns to FRISA must be made maximum within 30 days after delivery to customer.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties warranty ends when the piece is subjected to any additional process, any type of heating or deformation.

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