Aerospace Forgings

Forging the heart and soul of aero engines.

FRISA has a vast experience providing seamless rolled rings in nickel and titanium alloys for critical components of aero engines.

The aerospace industry includes all activities related to the designed, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of an aircraft. FRISA works closely with the top Original Equipment Manufacturers of airplane turbines worldwide including the United States, China, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, Austria, and the UK.

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Forged Aircraft Parts

Our product development abilities position us as leaders in design, materials and engineering. FRISA has vast experience providing seamless rolled rings for critical components for aerospace turbines such as:

  • 1- Fan Housing: This area of the engine is where the air at atmospheric pressure first starts its journey through the jet engine with ever increasing velocity and pressure. Fan cases are usually made from Titanium (Ti 6-4 and Ti 6-4-2) in diameters up to 3.5 meters.

  • 2- Compressors: The compressor area of a turbine often has multi stages and its outer casing is usually made from Nickel based alloys (Inconel 718 & 625) to withstand extreme rotational stresses.

  • 3- Combustion Chamber: The combustion chamber is the hottest area of the engine, as such combustion chamber outer cases require to be forged from high temperature Nickel based Superalloys (C263 and Nimonic 80).

  • 4- Turbines: The turbine section is the driving force in and engine as the energy it produces drive shafts that turn the fan and compressor. The materials used in this hot high pressure environment are Nickel based Superalloys (C263, Nimonic 80, along with Waspaloy).

  • 5-Exhaust: The elements of a turbine that transmit the power from turbines to compressors, fans, propellers and aircraft accessories is via shafts and gearboxes in materials like Inconel 718 and Stainless Steels.


The most common materials FRISA provides for the aerospace industry include nickel and titanium based alloys, such as Alloy 718, Waspaloy, Ti 6-4, Alloy 242, and Alloy C-263. Known for our customer partnerships and service, we can meet all challenges of product applications and material needs.


We are committed to providing high quality products and industry compliance. There is no room for error in this industry and FRISA is one of the very few forging companies in the world capable of meeting Our qualifications include AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001,C-TPAT, NADCAP Heat Treating, and NADCAP Forge.

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