Construction and Mining

Near-shape forgings that endure the most competitive landscapes.

Frisa has become a major supplier to top construction & mining oems, having the flexibility and response to comply from replacements to high volume pieces.

We deliver forged components for mining trucks, rims, motor graders, shovels, draglines, excavators, mixer trucks, and crushers; all on mining-specific grades in carbon and alloy steels to ensure products with extended service life.

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Mining Trucks: Rims, Ring Breaks, Hollow Tubes, Hoists, Spindle Drive, Rears

Shovels: Swing Gears, Roller Paths, Carrier Ring Blank, Rim, Swing Pinion, Hoist Gear, Swing Shaft, Mounting Plate, Rim Gear, Sheave, Hub, Hoist Drums, Lower Rollers.

Excavators: Support Rings.

Motor Graders: Circle, Rims, Spindle Drive.

Wheel loader: Spindle Drive, Hoists, Hollow Tubes, Ball and Socket Joints.