Industrial Machinery

High-performance forgings for demanding applications.

Our flexible manufacturing process enables us to deliver a wide range of materials and geometries in short turnarounds.

We can manufacture rolled rings and open die forgings with the highest quality and according to industry specifications. Our range of product solutions is diverse since we serve several industrial machinery markets such as:

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Autoclaves: Head Flange, Shell Flange and Locking Ring, Closures.

Handling Equipment: Forged Rings, Contoured Rings, Discs and Open Die Forgings for Winches, Sheaves, Hubs, Pulleys.

Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels: Flanges, Tube Sheets, Nozzles.

Rotary Equipment: Large Tires, Trunnions, Gears, Rolls, Shafts and Pinions.

Pumps and Valves: Rolled Rings and Discs for Pumps and Valves.

Food Equipment: Rolled Rings and Forgings for Pellet Mills, Centrifugal Baskets, Juice Processing Equipment’s, Etc.

Tool & Die: Rolled Rings and Blocks for Tooling purposes.

Transmission: Rings and Open Die Forgings for Gears, Trunnions, Pinions, Etc.

Medical Equipment: Bearings for Medical Scanners.

Sugar Industry: Shafts and Bearings for Sugar Mill Rollers, Conveyors and Washers.