Forging solutions for the most sophisticated tools in an ever-changing industry.

FRISA offers the best forging solutions in different grades of aluminum and stainless steel for a Semicon Industry that is constantly evolving and developing new and more sophisticated tools.

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Forged Products for Semiconductor Industry

FRISA works closely with the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of silicon wafers and their tier 1´s. We understand and follow the “copy exact” manufacturing practices to accomplish the equivalency between products on every production run. Our technical expertise helps us deliver the highest quality in our products.

FRISA serves the following Semicon manufacturing processes:

Semicon Forgings and Component Materials:

Semicon applications include forged parts for processing equipment with stringent requirements for electrical properties, anodization quality, and dimensional stability on final machining. Aluminum forgings with a variety of shapes like chambers, rings, disks and blocks. Available aluminum grades include 3003, 5083, 6061, and 6082 with annealed and aged hardened tempers.

Industry Requirements

Chip maker companies and the OEMs that work for them demand the highest quality standards. From material grades, metallurgical knowledge to process controls such as First Article Inspection, product engineering, equipment qualification, reliability testing, frozen processes, destructive and non-destructive testing, FRISA creates value and products for the most demanding Semicon applications.

Commercial Terms & Conditions

The FRISA Advantage

FRISA services include product research, design, development and testing to find the best solution for our customer’s needs. Additional added-value services such as extensive heat treatment, machining facilities and near net shape alternatives increase our competitive advantage.

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