Alloy Steel Forgings

Steels that improve their properties due to the presence of one or more particular chemical elements are classified as Alloy Steels. These type of steels can be classified according to their chemical composition. The most typical alloy steels classifications are divided into: Low, Medium & High-Alloy, ultra high strength, bearing steels and Heat Resistant steels. The enhancement of mechanical properties after heat treatment is achieved by the addition of alloying elements such as: Carbon, Manganese, Silicon, Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum. Specifically, strength and toughness properties are increased by the addition of these alloying elements. Finally micro-alloying elements such as Vanadium, Titanium and Niobium are also added in order to develop specific combination of properties including weldability, strength, toughness and fatigue.

FRISA is capable to manufacture tailored alloy steel forgings designed to meet specific customer requirements. Our High technology quenching systems along with our forging processes allow us to manufacture high quality alloy steel forgings in a wide range of shapes, including rolled rings, bars, blocks, discs and more.

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alloy steel forgings

Alloy Steels

Grade UNS Number DIN Werkstoff Nr
A182 Grade F5K4154512CRMO1951.7362
A182 Grade F11K1159713CrMo4-51.7335
A182 Grade F22K2159010CrMo9-101.7380
A707 Grade L5
A707 Grade 3W



FRISA Quality Management System:

FRISA is an ISO registered company. We supply forged alloy steel products globally that are fully inspected and tested to ensure they are manufactured to the highest quality.