Forged Titanium Alloys

In the industrial world, forged Titanium is valued for having a very attractive combination of properties such as high strength, low density, resistance to elevated temperatures and a high corrosion resistance. It has become one of the most popular metals in the marine and aerospace industries due to its resistance to corrosion, particularly in seawater and chlorine environments.

There are many grades of forged Titanium alloys which are based on a controlled chemistry to respond to specific applications in aerospace, marine and other industries. Elements such as Al, V, and Mo, among others, are present in the different grades of Titanium alloys, and they modify and determine the deformation response of the material during the hot working process. From the processing point of view, hot working and heat treatment of Titanium alloys pose an interesting challenge as the material needs to be properly worked and processed around the Transus temperature in order to achieve part soundness, final microstructure and all physical and mechanical properties of the final part. The forging process often requires a slow, detailed, and labor intensive process to complete a single forged part.

FRISA is equipped with state-of-the-art forging and heat treatment technologies, and expertise to manufacture Titanium forgings according to customers’ requirements and industry specifications. Our titanium forging services allow us to process Titanium alloys in a wide range of shapes including bars, contoured rings, plates and more. We also provide value-added processes such as special process heat treatments, machining and product testing.

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Grade UNS Number DIN Werkstoff Nr
Ti 6-2-4-2R54620TiAl6Sn2Zr4Mo23.7145
Ti 21sR58210
Ti 834



  • High strength, low density and corrosion resistance
  • Bio-compatible
  • Excellent Durability

FRISA Quality Management System:

As an ISO and AS9100 certified company, you can ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality and are fully inspected and tested.