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Power Generation

Forged components for enhanced productivity.

The world's energy demand is higher than ever before, which is why we support all kinds of dependable power sources. From simple rings to complex shapes, FRISA manufactures a wide range of components for power generation.


Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines
Diaphragm rings, nozzle rings, diffuser rings and flanges
Gas Turbines
Inlet rings, shroud rings, retaining rings, seal rings, support rings, blade rings, outlet rings, casings and heat shields
Forgings used to build medium to large generators and motors
Casings, heads and impellers


Power generation, high temperature and corrosive environments require materials that can withstand extreme conditions.

Our materials include:
A wide range of nickel-based alloys and stainless steels such as: 718, Waspaloy, 230, X, 617, 625, 901, 903, 909, HR-120, 105, CrMoV, NiCrMoV, X22CrMoV, 304, 310, among others.


FRISA works closely with the top Original Equipment Manufacturers and specialized repair shops in more than 40 countries. Our expert knowledge in metallurgy, modeling, machining, and manufacturing allows us to develop specific geometries for this industry.

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