FRISA INDUSTRIAS, S.A. DE C.V., its subsidiaries and/or affiliates (hereinafter “FRISA”), with address at Valentín G. Rivero Street, number 127, Los Treviño, 66150, Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico, makes this Privacy Notice available to you in order to comply with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its regulations, and other legislation related to the protection of personal data in Mexico (collectively, the 'Law'), with the aim of informing you about the treatment that will be given to your Personal Data.

Authorization for the treatment of your Personal Data

By agreeing these terms, you, as the holder of your Personal Data, authorize FRISA to collect trough written, electronic, telephone, and/or personal means, as well as to process, in an exemplary but not limited manner, the following information: name, marital status, address, telephone numbers, email address, photographs, fingerprints, copies of identifications and/or official documents, studies carried out, previous work information, credit and/or financial information, banking data, among others, that you voluntarily provide orally, in writing, through physical, electronic, electromagnetic, visual, auditory or any other means, which may include sensitive personal data such as: ethnic origin, health status, genetic information, beliefs, religious, political, moral, sexual orientations, among others ('Personal Data').

For what purposes will FRISA use your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will be used for the purposes for which you provided them, which may include, in an enumerative but not limited manner, recruitment and selection of personnel, inclusion in FRISA's job bank, inclusion in our suppliers roster, customers catalog or list of potential customers, for the fulfillment of obligations derived from civil or commercial operations in which FRISA is or will be part, service provision contracts, financial operations, payments or collections, or to provide you with information on products, services, surveys related to our products and/or the industry in general, or notices that may be of interest to you, as well as for statistical purposes, maintaining databases and for the fulfillment of legal obligations derived from the employment or any other kind of relationship between You and FRISA.

With whom will FRISA share your personal information and for what purpose?

All Personal Data provided by You to FRISA is shared with its subsidiaries that are under the common control of FRISA INDUSTRIAS, S.A. DE C.V., in order to fulfill the purpose of identifying and consolidating a database containing our customers and suppliers of goods and services, as well as prospects and/or candidates to fill any position within the company.

Likewise, FRISA may share your Personal Data with third parties in order to comply with its legal and/or commercial obligations, for which it has entered into or will enter into various commercial agreements both nationally and internationally. The third-party recipients of Personal Data are required, by virtue of the corresponding contract, to maintain the strictest confidentiality of the Personal Data provided by FRISA and to comply with this Privacy Notice. FRISA will understand that you give your consent if you do not express in writing your opposition for your Personal Data not to be transferred, to the email address:

FRISA may transfer your collected Personal Data to any other company within the same business group and that operate with the same internal processes and policies, whether located in the national territory or abroad for its treatment with the same purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

Your personal data may be transferred, stored, and processed in a country different from where it was provided. In the event that this occurs, the transfer of personal data will be carried out in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. FRISA will take measures to protect your personal data regardless of the country where it is stored or to which it is transferred. FRISA has appropriate procedures and controls in place to ensure the necessary protection. If you do not express your opposition to the transfer of your personal data, it will be understood that you have given your consent for it.

Photographs and Video recordings

Every person who enters FRISA facilities may be recorded by security cameras, as well as photographed. The images captured by the closed-circuit television system cameras will be used for their security, as well as the security of FRISA personnel and other visitors, with the purpose of remotely monitor the properties and promptly confirming any risk conditions in real-time to take necessary measures to minimize them. Likewise, the photographs are intended to carry out access control to our facilities.

ARCO Rights

As part of your rights, you may exercise your 'ARCO' rights at any time, consisting of the following:

Access: You have the right to know what personal data we have a file on you, how we use it, and the conditions under which we use it.

Rectification: Similarly, you have the right to request the correction of any information that you believe is inaccurate, incorrect, or outdated.

Cancellation: You may request the deletion of your personal data from our records or databases when you believe that they are not being used properly, or you may choose to remove them from our records.

Oposition: You have the right to object the use of your personal data for specific purposes.

All of these rights that you have in relation to personal data are known as 'ARCO' rights, and to exercise these rights, you must submit an 'ARCO Request' to the email address:, accompanied by the following information and documentation

  • Name, address, and email address to communicate the response to the ARCO request
  • A copy of the documents that prove your identity (copy of your official identification issued by the Instituto Federal Electoral or Instituto Nacional Electoral, passport, or any other official identification) or, where applicable, the documents that prove your legal representation, whose original must be presented to receive FRISA's response.
  • A clear and precise description of the personal data regarding which you wish to exercise any of the ARCO Rights.
  • Any document, reference, or information that facilitates the location of your Personal Data in our databases.
  • If you request rectification of your Personal Data, you must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide supporting documentation for your request.
FRISA may deny access to you to exercise your ARCO Rights in the particular cases established by the Law, and shall inform you of the reason for such decision.

This denial may be partial, in which case FRISA will carry out the access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition to the extent that it is appropriate.


At any time, you may revoke the consent you have given us for the processing of your personal data. However, it is important to mention that each case depends on its particularities, as it is possible that your request may not be able to be attended or concluded immediately, as there may be a situation or legal obligation in which it is necessary for us to continue processing your personal data.

To request the revocation of your consent, you must submit a request ('Revocation Request') to the email address:, accompanied by the following information and documentation:
  • Name, address, and email address to be able to communicate the response to the Request.
  • A copy of the documents that prove your identity (a copy of your official identification issued by the Federal Electoral Institute or National Electoral Institute, passport, or any other official identification) or, if applicable, the documents that prove your legal representation, whose original must be presented to receive FRISA's response.
  • A clear and precise description of the Personal Data for which you seek to revoke consent; and
  • Any document, reference, or information that facilitates the location of your Personal Data in our databases..

FRISA will have a maximum period of 30 (thirty) business days counted from the date the request is received to respond and inform you of the determination adopted, so that, if it is appropriate in accordance with the Law, the measure can be implemented within 15 (fifteen) business days following the date the response is communicated. The aforementioned periods may be extended only once for an equal period, provided that the circumstances of the case justify it. If you request confirmation of the revocation after it has been made, FRISA will respond to you expressly

How to limit the use or disclosure of your personal information?

In order to limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, we provide you with the following email address:


Through our websites, we use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies, through which it is possible to keep track and monitor your behavior as an internet user, allowing us to provide you with better service and experience while browsing through our page.

The personal data we collect through these technologies will be used for identification and representation purposes, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Identifiers, username, and session passwords
  • User's preferred language
  • Region where the user is located
  • Date and time of the start and end of a user's session
  • Searches made by a user
  • Web pages visited by a user
  • Advertising reviewed by a user

Changes to the Privacy Notice

FRISA reserves the right to make changes as well as to update this Notice at any time in order to reflect any legislative changes, internal policies, or new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products. These modifications will be made available to the public through the Website.


By providing your Personal Data physically, electronically, or by any means, you declare that you have read this Notice, understand its scope and content, and give your express consent for the processing of your Personal Data. By not expressing opposition in writing to FRISA, you express your full agreement with the terms and authorizations contained herein.

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