Overcoming the highest temperatures.

Superalloy forgings are based on nickel, cobalt, or iron with large additions of alloying elements to provide strength, toughness, and durability at high temperatures.

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The control of the hot-working processes from the initial billet transformation procedures to the final forging of precision components is critical for the generation of consistent mechanical properties.

We supply forgings in nickel-based superalloys that are ideal for demanding applications in the aerospace and power generation industries.

Material grades


UNS Number


Werkstoff Nr

Alloy 718 N07718 NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 2.4668
Alloy 718 Plus
Waspaloy N07001 NiCr20Co13Mo4Ti3Al 2.4654
Alloy 909 N19909 X4NiCo38Nb
Alloy 907 N19907 X4NiCo38Nb
Alloy 625 N06625 NiCr22Mo9Nb 2.4856
Alloy 600 N06600 NiCr15Fe8 2.4816
Alloy 617 N06617 NiCr23Co12Mo 2.4663
Alloy X N06002 NiCr22Fe18Mo 2.4665
Alloy H230 N06230 NiCo29Cr28Si 2.4880
Alloy 188 R30188 CoCr22NiW 2.4683
Alloy H242 N10242
Alloy HR120 N08120 NiFe33Cr25Co 2.4854
Nimonic 80 N07080 NiCr20TiAl 2.4952
Alloy 825 N08825 NiCr 21 Mo 2.4858
Alloy 800 H N08800 / N08810 X8 NiCrAlTi 32-21 1.4876 / 1.4958
Alloy C276 N10276 NiMo 16 Cr 15 W 2.4819
Monel 400 N04400 NiCu 30 Fe 2.4360
Alloy C263 N07263 NiCo20Cr20Mo6Ti2Al 2.4650
Alloy 286 S66286 X5 NiCrTi 26-15  1.4980
Rene 41 N07041 NiCr19Co11MoTi 2.4973
Thermo Span


strength at
high temperatures
Creep resistance
under high stress
hi corrosion resistance
High corrosion
& oxidation
FRISA is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 certified. Our focus on quality and customer approach allow us to produce forgings that will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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