Customer approach and Quality

Quality Management System

Customer approach and Quality focus have been fundamental bases which have contributed to our success, and growth of Frisa Industries today.

At every facility we have integrated the external certifications as a tool for continuous surveillance, the results offer us objective evidence to let us renew our processes and redirect our energy to maximize time and resources.

Safety and Environmental System

We are conscious of our responsibility to minimize environmental impact, and for it we implement the use of resources in an efficient manner, we acquire friendly technology to the environment and we establish internal control which help us to prevent surrounding contamination.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy

In Frisa we are committed to provide an added value to our customers and personnel in order to:
Fulfill Quality, Safety and Environmental requirements as well as all legal requirements applicable.
Continually improve the effectiveness of processes and,
Promote an efficient use of all resources to minimize environmental impact and prevent pollution.


ABS Marine Applications AS 9100 CE Marking DNV Approval of Manufacturer ISO 14001 ISO 9001 ANAB ISO 9001 UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 Lloyds Register NADCAP Heat Treatment Site Aerospace NADCAP Heat Treatment Site García NADCAP NonDestructive Testing Site García PROFEPA Industria Limpia Pressure Equipment Directive Russian Maritime Register of Shipping